Lamello Bisco P-10/ 80τεμ. Πλαστικά μπισκότα

SKU: 48.145304

Σύνδεση για να δείτε τις τιμές

Διαθέσιμο κατόπιν τηλεφωνικής παραγγελίας

Οι τιμές στα σόκορα αφορούν τιμή μέτρου ενώ στις κόλλες τιμή κιλού.

Bisco P is a plastic biscuit which fits into the 7 mm P-System groove and is held in the groove due to its surface structure. Bisco P is used in combination with Clamex or Tenso as a cost-effective alignment element and ensures flushness of the joint. The Bisco can also be used as a dry joint as a test before the work piece is permanently joined with Tenso P and adhesive. Bisco P-14 is used in combination with Clamex P-14 or Tenso P-14 and Bisco P-10 with the same connectors in size P-10.

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